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Small batch award winning sauces!

BBQ Chicken Breasts

BBQ Chicken Breasts



     Finger lick'n good sauces,  made from our unique blends of ground peppers, fruit, spices, honey and other secret ingredients. This gives a nice, sweet and heat packed flavor complete with stimulation to the various heat zones in the palate. Makes our sauces a MUST on your table.  

     Our sauces will tempt the taste buds of any beef, chicken and fish connoisseur. Made with fresh & natural ingredients and a little bit of TLC, our sauces are gluten free and contain no high-fructose corn syrups. We only use all natural sugars and the freshest spices available.

This Colorado proud, Leadville based sauce, meets a high standard of quality that you can trust, depend on, and love!

BBQ Season?

As winter time is upon us, the desire to BBQ for most has diminished.  We however say bring it on! Our smoke runs year around, so our sauces are also made year around.  Give the gift for yourself and others of our sauce, and don't let wintertime rob you of incredible flavors.  

Try our latest brisket and beef sauce!

Sweet Texas Tang is a new addition to our line up of amazing sauces!   Order yours today!

Our Award Winning Sauces!

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